What is a featherhead?

Original Featherheads are our preferred line, and consist of four feathers bonded at the tip to create one extension, ranging in length from 8 – 12 inches.Our feathers come in a full spectrum of colors—from subtle and natural to playful and wild—and a variety of lengths, from 3 to 16 inches. They can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled (up to 450°F)—basically, they can be treated like natural hair.

So, what makes our feathers stand out? They’re reusable. All natural. High-quality. Hand-crafted. And our patent (pending) technique of bonding the feathers means that the feathers will remain in place longer—up to two months, depending on how they're cared for.


Our all-natural rooster feathers are sourced from a single farm. Because we’re unwilling to compromise our values and ethics, we work exclusively with Whiting Farms, where we believe the roosters are treated ethically - and where we can obtain the highest quality feathers found anywhere in the world. The feathers are washed with a 100% inert (non-toxic) detergent, and then dyed with an organic, mineral-based dye. To read more about the origin of our feathers please visit our blog.

Featherhead Products